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Stadium Technology’s, PrimeLine Enterprise Edition (“PrimeLine”) race and sports book management software delivers best practices through superior performing state of the art technology.  Built on a Microsoft™ platform, PrimeLine is the next generation in back-end race and sports book management.


PrimeLine is a full-featured, full-service solution which combines centralized race and sports book management, with data warehousing and sophisticated communication technologies.  PrimeLine is designed to communicate with diverse third party systems, using Application Program Interfaces (“APIs”).  


The software offers an intuitive user interface and communicates with both proprietary terminals and off the shelf touch screen PCs.  This allows the operator the flexibility to customize their ticket writing stations.  PrimeLine is scalable, robust and drives both LCD and LED displays.


PrimeLine supports role-based permissions where a class of user may be defined and a specific set of rights established for maximum security and accountability.  These role-based permissions may be further enhanced with individually assigned rights to provide highly granular control over a user’s access to the software. 


PrimeLine offers a comprehensive suite of reports which support analytics and accounting as well as an array of filtering and sorting options, including specified date ranges and locations.  A complete set of audit reports are produced and archived automatically at the end of each operating day.  The “end of day” process takes minutes as opposed to hours.


Our system delivers the core functionality critical to managing your race and sports book environment as well as gives your staff the tools to maximize their effectiveness.


Stadium Technology Group PrimeLine Enterprise Edition
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