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The PrimeLine system architecture is based on Microsoft Servers and Storage.  This architecture is essentially the same as those used to support large scale, mission-critical business solutions.  Because PrimeLine utilizes this technology, the system is robust and scalable which facilitates system growth, enhanced security, reliability, availability, scalability (MSCS, MSNLB), and data mining.


IT departments have the flexibility of selecting the hardware server provider of their choice, either Hewlett-Packard, Dell or even Virtual Server solutions (VM Ware, MS Hyper-V).

Moreover, PrimeLine takes advantage of MS operating systems and uses them to power the race and sports book system’s Relational Database (SQL) and Application Servers.  MS Windows Technology simplifies server management, improves identity and access management, enhances storage management, provides a rich web platform, and offers the opportunity to use optimal server virtualization.  


PrimeLine’s administrative stations and POS terminals are Windows computers which can be easily managed over the network (no more daisy chain serial devices) and integrated to your existing systems infrastructure.

In sum, IT departments can have control of the system, where they were previously excluded, which promotes overall management efficiencies throughout the entire property.


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PrimeLine has extensive data management and reporting capabilities.  Reports, available via the Manager and Terminal Manager application, are able to display all data resulting from queries, filtering and sorting.  The resulting information can output to networked printers and be saved in both MS Excel and Adobe PDF formats.  This eliminates the need for standalone dot-matrix printers. 

The reports allow an authorized user to create, display, save and print reports about the information and activity within the PrimeLine system.  In addition to the reporting required by the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Race and Sports and Information Technology MICS (2008), PrimeLine has additional reports, virtually eliminating manual processes that have historically been time-consuming and inefficient. 

PrimeLine’s reports are tailored for multiple audiences.  While PrimeLine provides the race and sports book the information necessary to effectively manage risk, it also provides the required audit information in an easy to read format.


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Manage multiple line sets across networked properties

  • Maximize property revenues

  • Ability to set lines independently for each specific property’s volume of business and risk

Race and Sports Contests

  • Self-service betting terminal for in house and player contests

Granular role based user permissions—security

  • View and edit by location, role and user

Downloadable game set-up and automatic period/prop set-up

  • Virtually eliminates need for manual set-up of all wagering events

  • Game set-up in seconds vs. hours

  • Periods/props in seconds vs. hours

Customizable multi-game chart

  • View all games by sport on a single screen

  • View by date, game or period on one screen

  • View detail of all wagers placed by game or sport

Parlay Cards

  • Functional aggregate payout  with optional override

  • Can print parlay cards “in house” daily rather than 3 days in advance

  • Provide solid betting lines while eliminating “stale” numbers

  • Real-time risk analysis by game and overall exposure

Advanced “What-If” functionality

  • Enter a score to determine your exposure by BET TYPE for more efficient risk management

  • Includes all associated parlay cards liability

  • Hook-up exposure details parlay liability as games conclude

Player Tracking

  • Allows patron to utilize existing player tracking card throughout entire network

  • Centrally track sports and pari-mutuel activity including win/loss and hold %

  • Customized messaging on wager slips for individualized marketing by property

  • Advanced player tracking and awards by player, wager type and win/loss

Auto Scoring

  • Ability to have the game scores, period and time automatically displayed on your boards or video without manual entry.

Pari-mutuel communications

  • Eliminate the need for independent 56k lines

  • Pari-mutuel communications only require a central “point to point” TCP/IP line between the race and sports book hub (data center) and the pari-mutuel hub

Drive Sports Content to VGA displays (LCD/Plasmas) and TransLux

  • Flexibility to offer mixed environment of both TransLux and VGA displays

  • Centrally manages content which can be distributed throughout the network into book, sports bars, poker rooms and satellite locations


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PrimeLine includes a suite of powerful management features and tools which provide immediate cost savings. As PrimeLine is hardware agnostic and communicates with off the shelf touch screen PCs, it allows the operator to leverage their corporate buying power and vendor relationships when designing their POS terminals.  As the equipment is not proprietary, the operator can utilize current IT staff to support the POS terminals similar to the hospitality segment of the business.  PrimeLine offers direct cost and labor savings by reducing administrative terminal time and resources through the use of the following features:


Automatic game setup

  •  Allows for the downloadable set-up of all events including half, quarter, and period wagers as well as automatic propositions   without manually setting up each style of wager.

Automatic parlay card set-up

  • Pre-selects teaser and super teaser spreads without having to manually calculate and enter the values.

In house parlay card printing

  • Option to eliminate parlay card waste and outside print shop fees.

Automatic sheet program

  •  Created in Microsoft Excel format for ease of use, which allows for the quick export of data to daily customer sheets.

Pari-mutuel infrastructure

  •  “Point to point” TCP/IP line is typically less expensive than a single 56k line.

Drive Sports Content to VGA displays (LCD/Plasmas) and TransLux

  •  Eliminate the need for third party systems to manage VGA displays.


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